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Redge Portable Gym System


What is Redge Portable Gym:

Redge Portable All-in-one Gym System is a high quality retractable bodybuilding bar fitted with durable adjustable resistance bands attached at both ends. 

  • Each band provides 30Lb of resistance 
  • All bands are made of Highest Quality Durable Anti Break resilient elastic
  • 8 Bands provide a total of 240Lb of resistance 
  • 4 Bands provide a total of 120Lb of resistance
    • It weighs only 3.5Lb and can fit in any backpack or travel pack
    • Length of bar is 40inches (can be split into half)
    • In short, it is a "Portable All-in-one Gym System"

    How Does Redge Portable Gym System Help You Maintain Your Health Goals:  
    • 90% of the people quit their health goals in the first 3 months because dressing up, going to the gym and coming back seems too daunting of a task. 
    • Redge Portable Gym System lets you target every single body part right from home, so you eliminate the most daunting part of the workout. 
    • Now you can workout any time from anywhere such as : 
      • At the office during lunch 
      • Work/ Leisure trip from your hotel room
      • From your studio apartment or your bungalow 
      • In between your meetings from your home office. 
      • Basically any time you please in any outfit you want.
    • In short words, Redge Portable All-in-one Gym System eliminates every excuse you can possibly think of that could get between you and your health goals 

    Popular Exercises Can You Do with Your Redge Portable Gym System: 
    • Squats for your Back, Legs and Glutes
    • Hip Thrusts for your Glutes, Legs and Back 
    • Good Mornings for your Back and Arms  
    • Bicep Curls for your Arms
    • Chest Flies for your Chest 
    • Over 100 workouts can be performed with your bar. 
    Why is it called the "#1 PORTABLE GYM IN THE WORLD"
    • With each band providing 30 pounds of tension, you can slowly move up the weight as you get better and more in shape!
    • Redge bar is made of the highest quality bands that are the most durable elastic bands you can get; they stay fully functioning at temperatures from -50 to 300 degree
    • Redge Fit provides you with over 100 follow along video workouts and a 24/7 access to a fitness trainer for any questions. 
    • The whole bar only weighs 3.5 pounds, so you can put in your suit case and take it with you. 
    • Provides the user with the freedom to work out from the comfort of their own choosing.

    David S. I purchased the Portable Gym Machine. What an awesome addition to my home gym. Now I can workout when traveling and not have to worry about finding a clean gym. Also note: The Customer Service is superior to any other companies I have worked with. Awesome customer care!! Wilbur W. I'm 66yrs. old not trying to bulk up just trying to maintain. It's helpful. Michael S. The redgefit gym is great to take on the road and can be used anywhere, You get a great workout on the redgefit that would require heavy weights, Love having it Harvey G. It�s a substitute for whenever I can�t get to the gym Greg L. I like it, it is safer then free weights, and it will give you a good upper body work out, just to use two band's you have to have good upper body strength, I have six band that I will never be abele to use, I am 73 years old, two is plenty for a good upper body work out. Josiah M. Great Jek F. Nice Robert M. Been using for a month now and love the workout I get and easy to use. Can feel it working the muscles. Jenna W. This machine is working well for me so far. I use it everyday and am seeing a difference in my abs. This was worth the purchase. I like that it is compact and portable to other locations. Thanks! Richard C. I couldn't stop when the gyms closed, finding these tension bars saved me from stopping with my workout. Great workout piece! U O. I Amber Great workout piece! My husband and I both use it! Fabulous! Takes the place of a gym membership! Easy to put away fits anywhere or take along. Big time!!!! Leigh A. This machine is working well for me so far. I use it everyday and am seeing a difference in my abs. This was worth the purchase. I like that it is compact and portable to other locations. Thanks! Jenny It's a great versatile workout for arms, abs and legs. I love this machine and I use it in my personal home gym. Very happy with this purchase and arrived early as stated. Jess L. Go and get this fabulous exercise machine because its absolutely wonderful. Must have and worth the buy! Jester I love this machine! It is a small exercise machine that gives big results. Easy to use and store. It gives a good 30 minute workout! Val I have had this item for a few days and I love it. I will use this everyday. I love the fact that it is portable and handy! Jan Got mine in less than two weeks and used it right away. It is well built and so far seems great for exercising every muscle. I travel a lot by car and needed something. This is much better than carrying hand weights with me. I like this machine and it will get lots of use. Josh Fast shipping! Good product! It's very simple but if you use it correctly it can be very useful for exercising at home and getting in shape. Thank you! Anadelle I bought this because I'm busy and lazy __ I find it difficult to exercise. I really love this Redge Portable Gym Machine, it works perfectly for my need. I've been taking it with me traveling every week for my job. Thanks! Carol You can work out your legs and arms, great product to add to the home gym. An easy but useful way to work out. Thanks! Chris Redge Portable Gym Machine makes doing sit ups and other core exercises fun and challenging. Very nice for the price and works perfect for me! Joey This is a nice piece of a workout equipment. It's small and inconspicuous. Really love this product! Charles Assembled as stated, good and in perfect quality. Received earlier than informed. Thanks Redge Fit! Richard I have been using Redge Portable Gym Machine for eight weeks now and I can see a difference in core strength, upper arms and legs. Thanks Redge Fit for this item! Alice Love this Redge Portable Gym Machine . Very easy to use did straight and to the point. Resistance is also great can make this a very challenging workout great for any age Amir I�ve been using it for three weeks now, one 30-minute workout a day. Really love the product and worth the buy! Carlo I was skeptical on purchasing Redge Portable Gym Machine item, but its awesome!!! I have found so many other exercises to do with this gem. Don't listen to the haters this thing is great. Ella Easy to assemble, and very cheap compare to a year of Gym Membership! Very comfortable to use. Samuel Redge Portable Gym Machine is great for its value, it fulfills my basic exercise needs . The product is very affordable. Pam S. Redge Portable Gym Machine is sturdy and was easy to assemble. Definitely will recommend this for an inexpensive workout in quarantine for all of my colleagues. Amanda This is an easy-to-use home fitness equipment, which can be used for whole body and suitable for home exercise. Anthony This product is very practical and good, the quality if great. Simple product but very effective. Vanessa Very suitable for home exercise! Very easy to use and strong! I'm glad I chose Redge Portable Gym Machine as my companion for indoor and outdoor exercise. Ben The product is very durable, and you can feel that it is exercising muscles. I'm glad I can still exercise at these times. Craig I have enjoyed the practice of using my Redge Portable Gym Machine and I am satisfied with this product and very convenient to use. Thanks! Cris Y. I am very happy about this. The product quality is excellent and perfect. I strongly recommend this Redge Portable Gym Machine. Thanks! Ryan C. Portable: Easy to assemble, disassemble and travel. I definitely recommend this to my brother! Samantha P. This is a very good product with reasonable price, which is suitable for family exercise. I am satisfied with the purchase and have not encountered any problems. Will order other products from Redge Fit. Henry Brilliant set for the price, my order arrived very fast and is great value for money. Thanks! Belinda Redge Portable Gym Machine seem like good quality so far. 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D***h fast delivery!! works good L***r Very satisfied good workout M***c very fast delivery good equipment recommended G***s All bestens. Shopper Fast delivery, about two weeks to Norway. The thing is interesting, when all gyms are closed in the pandemic, and the priest grows under the pressure of chocolate, you can still poke something to fix S***l Works very well, comes with pamflet with excercises. Would recommend! Shopper The thing is cool! Quality norms!! Sending long was L***n Good product, same as the photo! Recommended! Shopper Everything came and quickly. But the resistance is not very strong, I do not have enough! Maybe for a beginner will be comfortable.